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 Why we love what we do

We believe that people have close ties to their hometowns.  They not only spend a lot of time in those communities but they have a vested interest in their neighborhood’s well-being.   Because of that, we also believe that many people are proud of those cities and do many things to outwardly display that pride (e.g. supporting local sports team, shopping in local stores, etc). 


People also take pride in the clothes they wear.  They often see clothing and fashion as an outward representation of who they are. 


Citees.US looks to position itself at the intersection of both those concepts.  Citees is an apparel company that focuses on city based apparel.  Our goal is to create authentic city based clothing that resonates within each community while also giving back a portion of proceeds to local charities from each city.  


We want to help people express the pride they have for their cities and, in doing so, help unite and galvanize those communities.  In addition, we see a big opportunity to partner with local businesses in each city to sign licensing deals with popular local businesses to help deliver on our brand promise of creating authentic city based clothing.

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Community Based Authentication and Appraisal App 

Defunkd and are proud to announce we're in the final stages of creating the first authentication app for vintage t-shirts.

Legiteem8 harnesses the power of our community to facilitate free, crowdsourced, and expert-based vintage t-shirt legit checks and appraisals.
Visit Legiteem8's teaser page and enter your email for a chance to participate in our beta launch.easy. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook , and Instagram all at @legiteem8

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